Works In Progress

Ok, so I am a slow writer!  Look out for these books . . . sometime in the future!  Some sooner – some later.  Maybe never - I offer no guarantees here!

Camden Lock Market

The Windmill

A full-length novel and the most substantial and complex Feather story of all.  It deals with stolen memories, SM interactions and three of the strangest characters I have ever put into fiction - The White Flower Man, The Magician and The English Gentleman. It's an extreme tale and poor Feather gets absolutely put through the wringer by these three lunatic but rather extraordinary men. This is a city story – set in London, and it seeks to conjure up the sense of mystery that can surround cities – full of bizarre hidden spaces and goings on between the cracks of the world. 

Bacteriophage structure

The Man Who Killed the Earth

Do you really believe in disaster novels? Is any of that stuff really possible? In this totally outrageous and rather bad taste story, I wanted to create a disaster novel that maybe wasn't. Or maybe it is - even I am not quite sure. A globe-trotting narrative ranges from war in Georgia, cannibals in London, obscure therapies involving bacteriophages, plots to euthanise humanity and your good old favorite plot element: the pandemic. Only this is a realistic one. This will be a comical novel about the greatest horrors of life. Or maybe it is a horrific novel about the world's greatest comedy . . .


Porno Philosophies

"David Rix’s dark and emotion-oriented stories often suggest a taste for the extreme and the taboo-busting – hints of places so far beyond the pale that strange new states of matter are formed under the intense pressure.  Here though, he follows that through to its natural conclusion in four tales of sex and human interaction in worlds far removed from the normal.  But this is not porn for the sake of porn – not an attempt to catalogue horrors or perversity.  This is not an exploration of sex as much as it is of ourselves as inevitably sexual beings who fundamentally work in very different ways to the performance we attempt to put on in the strange dance called life.  Strange, grotesque, warped, erotic, absurdist, comical, unsettling and even cringeworthy or enraging, these four novellas explore dark and dirty philosophies that you won’t see growing under normal light.  Which is all the more reason to explore them, right?"



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