What the Giants Were Saying - David Rix

What the Giants were Saying, Eibonvale Press, 2006

What the Giants were Saying is a dark-hued and surreal fable on the theme of creativity. It is an extreme horror tale of artist's block, tattoos, Don Quixote, copper wire . . . and wind turbines! Always wind turbines! It tells of a landscape artist desperately trying to escape his own feelings of mundanity and having hallucinatory encounters both with those great white whispering giants and a wild tattooed girl who pushes creative experience to the very limit and knows that the towers are the key to something remarkable. Tattoos, Windmills, turbines, human skin and copper wire . . . with these keys a world of supernatural change is unlocked - and supernatural creation. After all, what could creativity be like when such things as pain, life and death no longer have the same meaning?

The reaction to the book has proved mixed in true love it or hate it fashion, which is essentially agreeable in spite of the occasional vitriol as I have always found that works that can annoy people to be among the more interesting.  The book has been described as ‘that wonderful thing, an unclassifiable work’, which made me very happy as I have always had a minor war waging against labels and classification.  Terry Grimwood especially had some very nice thing to say: http://tff-reviews.blogspot.com/2009/09/rix-what-giants-are-saying-2009.html

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