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London in Three Courses

In The Neo-Decadent Cookbook edited by Brendan Connell and Justin Isis

Rustblind and Silverbright

Published August 2020 by Eibonvale Press

Cover Text

Have you ever sautéed geometrical sex or eaten fate from the breasts of Minerva? Adjust your palate to the times with the Neo-Decadent Cookbook, the ONLY approved guide to the preparation of metaphysical concepts and other abstractions, alongside recipes likely to cause lasting changes to your internal organs. Editors Brendan Connell and Justin Isis have assembled a diverse list of contributors from around the world, each with their own stylistically novel take on culinary apotheosis. Fragments of fiction, poetry and instructional material will guide you towards a suitably delectable climax. TRUE UNDERSTANDING AND SCIENCE EXPLODE!

Three miniatures that work together as a suite painting a very odd picture of London's hidden life through the lens of neo-decadent writing and food. I may one day release an expanded version of this one.

This book is available in jacketless hardcover and paperback.


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