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Space Opera

In Time We Left, edited by Terry Grimwood

Rustblind and Silverbright

Published July 2020 by Snuggly Books

Cover Text

Time We Left
Stories and poetry from the outward journey.

  •   A lonely vigil aboard a vast space station orbiting a dying planet
  •   A poignant to one of the first living beings to leave Earth
  •   A deadly planet where sentience is not as humanity understands it
  •   A race against time to save the crew of a starship lost in the depths 
  •   of Bastard Space

Time We Left
A cast of dreamers, rogues, adventurers and colonists who answered the call

My piece in here is a bit of an anomaly in that it is a full-scale novella. I had long resigned myself to finding another home for this one as it grew, but to my delight, Terry wanted it anyway - and this is actually one of my favourite pieces so far. It's also my first ever venture off the planet, though only into low-earth orbit, where an almost empty space hotel provides a unique vantage point on the increasingly surreal fade-out of planet earth.

Time We Left exists as a jacketless hardcover edition.

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