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In Monster Book for Girls, edited by Terry Grimwood

Rustblind and Silverbright


Cover Text

This may be The Monster Book for Girls, but everyone is welcome, so come inside and lose yourself for a while. Be careful though, because here be horror, humour, heartache, the dark, the deep, the distressing, the serious, the sad, the strange...

And monsters all.

An intelligent monster book! The chance to work on a creature story was an interesting one since I have always had a love/hate relationship with this kind of writing. In this case, I was working very hard to be scientifically realist and I eschewed the more familiar creature feature cast for snails and water mites! Set amid a unique (and faintly Lovecraftian) ecosystem in a remote Icelandic volcanic lake, this is also a tale of love doomed by the bruises suffered by the mind - and a descent into hallucinatory madness.

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