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A Taste for Canal Burgers

In Creeping Crawlers, edited by Allen Ashley

Rustblind and Silverbright

Shadow Publishing

Cover Text

What is this lingering fear of insects, arachnids, arthropods, crustaceans and those that slither... is it a hangover from the survival battles in the savannah or does it go deeper and further back than that in our evolutionary heritage? Unchallenged, the locusts, the maggots, the worms, the flies, the aphids and the termites may consume and destroy all that we have and hold dear.

Creeping, slithering, crawling horror, science fiction & fantasy stories by nineteen of today’s top authors.

The brief can be clearly seen from the cover blurb above - stories exploring people's relationship with the smaller, stranger critters we share the planet with. A Taste for Canal Burgers turned into a quite light-hearted encounter, both with that and, perhaps more importantly, with the strange world of London narrowboat/canal culture - something I will definitely be returning to.

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