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Brown is the New Black

Rustblind and Silverbright

Published Septemmber 2016

40 pages

Cover Text
London after the breakdown … For Jess and Jay, a former clothes designer and her partner, life has become a matter of scavenging round trying to keep going in a world of hunters and hunted. A world where the city streets have become a battleground with threats from both sides – where the ‘survivors’ of this disaster have reset themselves several levels downward on the scale of humanity, while the victims have become something else entirely. Based loosely on the paintings of surrealist artist Paul Delvaux, this novella dissects the trope of the zombie plague with the help of clothes design – clothes design inspired by insect camouflage. A portrait of a city filled with naked wanderers, dead railway lines, mouldering bones and almost beautiful silence.



A gradually involving scenario where you soon become camouflaged as a reader – from yourself, unaware perhaps you’re reading. This is a post-holocaust London scenario, beautifully, yet somehow sparely, evoked, the girl and boy couple failing to exploit black as their own camouflage from the slightly or potentially aggressive (so far) hunters and the noble naked wanderers… moths, bones etc., all seems naturally to fall into this genius-loci of situation and place.

DF Lewis - Gestalt Real-Time Reviews


Easily one of the best books I've read this year. David Rix delivers honest thought and true feeling with this tale. It's a meaningful story that will stick with you after you've finished it. A very impressive, very 'real' piece of speculative fiction.

Jason Rolfe


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