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How can I introduce myself? Does 'I am a Writer' suffice?





Welcome to my homepage. I hate writing about myself in the third person, so this is where I introduce myself - never an easy thing. And what better way than over a nice dinner and a glass of Sloe Gin (the best, if not the only liquor!). Good food and creativity - the recipe for a good life!






About me!

I am a British writer in the areas of what might be called 'Horror', 'Metahorror' 'Slipstream' and modern Magic Realism/Speculative Fiction. All just damn words really - and for a writer I really dislike WORDS in unnecessary situations - but it gives you an idea. As a writer I am very slow and proud of it. The small number of stories I have released are usually worked on for a very long time (sometimes for years) before I even let them be glanced at by a proofreader or two. Then - perhaps - I will consider attempting publication. The result is that I do not have a whole string of magazine releases padding my bibliography - and it also means that I don't have a vast tonnage of rejection slips papering my wall. Also again it means that the few stories that are released are ones that are especially satisfying and successful. It's just the way I prefer to work. See the bibliography section for more info.

Who are my inspirations? People ask me that and I hardly know what to say to them. Of course, every one has them, even when you seek your own voice. I dunno!! I have read a lot - but this is what I came up with for those interested:

  • J G Ballard, for his strange and clinical psychological/surreal outlook on the world.
  • Ramsey Campbell for making that outlook breathe.
  • Thomas Tessier for proving that quiet and subtle horror can take you places you really don't expect.
  • Tom Piccirilli and Charlee Jacob for proving that it doesn't necessarily have to be quiet after all and that beauty and the extreme can be connected.
  • Michael Moorcock for making me realize that I didn't have to find different names for my characters every time and that sequels didn't have be sequels and didn't have to explain why your character died in the previous story or is now a different creature entirely! Long live Jerry Cornelius!

My first book, What the Giants Were Saying, was released a while back and my second book, Feather, is also recently out and so far getting a reaction I could hardly have dreamed of from the reviewers.



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